Logmatic – Firewood made easy

The Logmatic manual log splitter is a highly effective firewood and kindling splitter. Developed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia, this award-winning tool is a brilliant alternative to the conventional axe.

Splitting firewood and kindling has never been so simple and safe, efficient and ergonomic. From teenagers, to men and women of all ages this tool truly does make firewood splitting easy.

The Logmatic is an internationally patented product, made in Europe and distributed in all major countries of the world.

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What a brilliant piece of equipment and sooooo much easier than the axe. Have just spent an easy afternoon splitting all the firewood. This is a great product!

Colin - Matamata

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Why choose a Logmatic Log Splitter?

  • Safe, fast, and easy to use
  • No more bending, saves your back
  • Precision strikes
  • Great for kindling
  • Women and teenagers can use it

What Clients Say

What I like is, I can do it! I can moderate the way I work. I don’t want any axe near my teenage boys.
Great for women! Esther, Matamata
My partner bought me a Logmatic for X-mas. Being an axe-man, my first thought was, why re-invent the wheel? Then she demonstrated its operation. This blew me away…
Converted axe-man, Bill Waterman, Christchurch
Our household runs on a wood fire stove, we have to light it twice a day. Since getting our Logmatic log splitter I have been splitting logs almost every night. I can produce more firewood.
Brilliant time saver! Stewart Knapmann, Nelson

Gel Padded Gloves

The Logmatic Gloves are outstanding for protecting and cushioning your hands when using the log splitter, but also in any other outdoor work situation.

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Logmatic instuctions

How to use the Logmatic Log Splitter. This is a detailed instruction video.


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