Frequently Asked Questions

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The Logmatic – a cross between a splitting wedge and a sledgehammer?

This is true in a way. However, a guide tube has been welded onto the Logmatic axe head. Unlike a sledgehammer, the striking bar is lifted up to one meter and brought down. In this way, each strike of the ‘hammer’ is aimed safely at the ‘wedge’, and the log is split as a result of the weight of the striking bar, muscle power and repeated strikes.

Can women, the young, the old and people with back problems use the Logmatic?

The ‘macho image’ of splitting logs is history! Neither great strength nor skill is required, nor does the Logmatic user have to bend, so there is little strain on the back. This product is brilliant for teenagers to use and a great relief for their mother’s who no longer have to worry about their gung ho teens swinging the axe! It is also very satisfying for kids to make short work of a pile of logs without great effort.  If you have younger children around, it is peace of mind to know that bits of wood won’t fly off, sometimes hitting small children accidentally in the firing line.  The benefit for older people and those with bad backs is wonderful.  There is literally no bending with the splitting action, as opposed to the axe where you have to bend at the waist, the worst thing for many people.

Safety? Statistics for axe related accidents.

According to ACC by 1st July 2009 there were 5299 active claims from accidents relating to chopping wood, resulting in an amount of near 4.5 million $NZ. If you consider that this includes lost earnings, home help and a range of other costs such as surgery, it is not too surprising. The true cost is actually higher, because Public Hospital costs for acute treatment are not included. Many of these accidents when splitting wood, could well have been prevented if the Logmatic had been used.

What does the Logmatic System really mean?

The Logmatic system, i.e. the Log Splitter and the basket with plate, is based on a new kind of thinking that ‘revolutionizes’ all phases of splitting and handling firewood:
1. Logs are easy to carry to the desired location in the basket either by hand or with a wheelbarrow.
2. Splitting is carried out within the basket as a kind of mass production – not one by one.
3. Note! Lifting the logs and picking them up afterwards is history – this is no longer required.
4. After splitting, the logs are taken to the fireplace or a shed to be dried in the basket.
5. In addition, the high-quality basket is an excellent place to store the logs indoors.

Is it possible to use car tyres as a kind of splitting cylinder?

Of course, it’s an efficient and very safe way. The logs keep standing upright after each strike. In other words, keep striking all the logs, and once you’re done take the split wood out of the tyre. It’s a very quick method and excellent for making kindling.

Why is the Logmatic more accurate than a conventional axe?

When working with a traditional axe the desired target is always chosen before the strike. The result, however, depends entirely on the skill of the person. With the Logmatic Log Splitter the blade is always set precisely on the spot where the log is easiest to split; therefore, less strength and more intelligence is required in splitting wood. In addition, every consecutive strike with this tool continues the work by hitting the same spot until the log is split in two.

Axe or Logmatic Log Splitter? Why change to a new system of cutting firewood when the axe has been with us for thousands of years?

The traditional axe is here to stay, but there’s a new tool on the “block” that challenges the traditional method of chopping wood. Experience and knowledge of axes goes back thousands of years, and for many people an axe will always have its place, even alongside a Logmatic. However there is no doubt this tool is easier and safer to use for a diverse range of people of all ages.  Even your hard core “axe-men”are often surprised at how good this new way of cutting wood actually is.