Instructions – Logmatic Log Splitters

How to use our log splitters

Log Splitters are easy to use following our instruction guide. You will soon notice that, as well as being safe, these Log Splitters are also an efficient and ergonomic way to split and handle firewood.

Operational Principles

The Logmatic Log Splitters are designed for splitting blocks of wood placed at the user’s feet. Its efficiency is based on repeated blows, which (due to the structure of the head) are always directed at the same spot. It is not necessary to force the wood to split with one powerful blow, but instead to split it in a controlled and energy-conserving way with several lighter blows, the force of the blows depending on the strength of the person using this tool.

Before you start

We recommend wearing gloves, and proper footwear. Always pick up, or carry our Logmatic Log Splitters by holding the lower grip.

Using the Logmatic

A firm, horizontal surface is required for efficient splitting. If the purpose-built Logmatic splitting plate is not available, a large tree stump, a piece of thick plywood on the ground, or another type of platform on a firm surface will be ideal. Place the block of wood to be split upright on the splitting plate and position the blade on the block. You will note that you can select the desired splitting point with precision and thereby benefit from any natural cracks in the wood. Continue to hold the Log Splitter by the lower grip with one hand, and then slide the striking bar up and down with the other hand so that the blade sinks into the wood and stays there. Next, grab the handle by both of the grips and lift the striking bar up. Try to keep the striking bar at right-angles to the top of the block of wood and bring the striking bar down. Repeat this until you have split the block of wood. When splitting large rounds, don’t start from the centre of the block. Instead, start splitting from the perimeter. Splitting is easier this way, follow the grain and you’ll find your big lump of wood will soon be split into many handy sized pieces.

Kindling or small blocks of wood

When using our Log Splitters for cutting up small blocks of wood, the job becomes easier if you bunch such blocks together using the purpose-made Logmatic Splitting Basket. If such a basket is not available, you can put the blocks of wood together inside an old car tyre. This is also a great safety measure. Stack the wood to be split loosely within the splitting frame so there is sufficient room for the wood to be split. You will soon find that you can split the blocks of wood easily one-by-one, and thereby avoid unnecessary bending to pick up pieces of wood.  It’s very easy to make matchstick kindling when the wood is held together inside the Splitting Basket frame, or inside a car tyre. Alternatively you can rest one foot lightly on a small log. Now start striking the side of the log so small bits get split each time. This is a very fast and easy way to cut kindling. The beauty with these Log Splitters is you have such control over its use, there is no chance of it going into your foot, unlike the normal axe.

Developing technique

As soon as you master the basic technique using Logmatic Log Splitters, you can use more power with one hand and find that such force is enough to split blocks of wood. Remember that you don’t need to “push” the blade into the wood at the end of a blow. Instead, the blade’s penetration is based on the velocity of the striking bar. At the end of each blow, you should slightly loosen your hold on the grips and allow the striking bar to do its job.

We firmly believe that the more you use it, the more you will love the Logmatic Log Splitters!