What Clients Say about the Logmatic Log Splitter Axe…


Amazing tool – Kevin – 16/07/2018

I received my Logmatic and I must tell you it’s an amazing tool. Split Avocado wood so easy, like going through butter. Thank you, it makes my life easy, so easy to use.


A no mess way of making kindling – Susanne – 14/07/2018

Thank you for taking the time this morning to show me the tips and tricks. I love my new tool and I am very happy I got the basket too. It’s a no mess way of making kindling.


Easy wood splitter – Paul from Gold Coast New Zealand Tours Ltd – 01/03/2018

I’ve got my lovely, beautiful, easy wood splitter now thanks. I was away when it arrived at my work and one of the guys fell in love with it and had taken it home to “test” it! I’ve got it back now. You might get another sale!!


Got it today, Wonderful device! – Paul – 19/09/2017

Got it today, Wonderful device! Keeping my wife amused during her holiday and helping her to get rid of her “bat wings” that she has been worried about, you know, that flabby bit under your arms when you get a bit older.
Anyway, if anyone wants to know if they are worth the money we’d say DEFINITELY!

And when I’m able to sneak the logmatic away from wife I’m also getting a nice safe moderate workout for an old guy that’s creating a wonderful stack of wood beside the back door. Ive been looking all my life and have never come across a workout that creates such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. You probably wont believe this but getting the logmatic away from my wife requires skill and cunning as she hides it. I think its because she’s worried that I’ll get all the wood to split and she wont get any but she wont admit it!!!


Easy and effective – Petra – 15/11/2016

Just to confirm that I received the logmatic very promptly and that it totally lived up to expectations.
I’m delighted with how easy and effective it is.


Old Rata logs were previously impossible for me! – Sarah – 15/1/2014

My Logmatic arrived the other day, it is wonderful! We have an old coal range that we use most days and the Logmatic has made splitting wood for the fire a breeze and is fun to use. I’m especially pleased to be able to split old Rata logs which can be quite hard and uncooperative – previously impossible for me with an ordinary axe.


Amazing, and great upper body workout – Amanda – 1/7/2013

I am a 36 yr old very small built lady, and I find the Logmatic amazing. A job that normally I can’t do, as I cannot get an axe to hit the same spot twice, I am finding a breeze. This is great for us as my husband is away a lot and I can now make sure I’ve got wood for the family. I have been splitting Macracarpa, Manuka, Willow and Pine. All these woods are easy but vary from incredibly easy to some needing a few more wacks. I have also started using a tyre to help with the smaller bits, and am finding it a lot easier. You may also like to advertise it as an exercise machine. It’s great for cardio and upper body workout. A great way to tone without the sore muscles. I would also like to add that if your Logmatic gets stuck… reverse the blow to upwards, and this will get it unstuck.


Absolutely fantastic – Michael – Auckland – 19/6/2013

Absolutely fantastic. I got a ‘tennis elbow’ a few years ago using my conventional axe and splitter and it took ages to come right. The Logmatic is so easy and I don’t have to worry about something detaching from the handle! (One axe-head became a bit loose a few years ago that worried me a bit!). I can also operate in a more confined space, knowing that I don’t have to swing an axe. Also, we have a puppy that likes to get his nose into everything and I don’t have to worry that he might jump in the way of a swinging axe! I have been splitting mainly Pine with a little Macrocarpa. Anything up to 0.5 metre in diameter and around 0.3 metre thick.
The Logmatic is also able to split knotty wood that I could not split with my conventional axe so I’ve now got rid of those logs that I couldn’t split before.


Converted “axe man” – Bill Waterman – Canterbury – 16/2/2013

My partner bought me a Logmatic for X-mas. Being an axe man, my first thought was “why re-invent the wheel?” Then she demonstrated its operation. This blew me away… If a woman can bust up a bit of power pole (yes, genuine Jarrah) with this, then it is obviously pretty good! So I gave it a whirl and I’m sold on it. Being an average sized fella of 6 ft 9, it is the bending down and picking up the block each time the axe cuts it, that kills me. With the Logmatic there is none of that, and so my back loves it!


Brilliant timesaver – Stewart Knapmann – Nelson – 27/1/2013

Our household runs on a wood fire stove, we have to light it twice a day for food and hot water. Since getting our Logmatic log splitter I have been splitting logs almost every night. I can produce more firewood in half the time than with a conventional axe. And it allows me to deal with large rounds that I would not have touched before. I feel like chopping firewood is no longer a chore.


Logmatic LM-250 – David Lawrie – 30/03/2012

This requires a slightly different technique of reading wood than with an axe, but once mastered it is very easy to quickly split more wood, and with far less effort. A very good purchase.


Great tool! – Mike Bradstock – 02/02/2012

The day after buying my logmatic I used it to split a whole lot of dry silver beech rounds that I had found quite resistant to the ordinary axe and log splitter. I found it quite easy to use and very satisfying. I would say it reduced the work by a good 50% and the job went a lot faster. Some of these pieces I had given up previously as “too hard” for the ordinary axe. I think this tool is actually best of all on ‘gnarly’ bits of wood with branch traces or cross grain because you don’t have to swing an axe again and again and hope you hit the same spot. Once you open out a crack, each blow just goes in a bit further and suddenly it falls apart as though torn asunder by a giant! So it enabled me to split a lot of wood that I could not otherwise have used. Also it saved my back a lot of bending over to put pieces of wood back upright. It is much safer than using an axe or ordinary log splitter, and you can use either arm to lift the striker so it gives you a good ‘symmetrical’ upper-body workout.As some critics say, it does need to be used on a firm surface and requires a fair bit of strength. Just lifting and dropping the striker won’t always get through heavier bits of wood. Some people would definitely find it too heavy, but they would probably find a regular axe pretty hard work too.


Great splitter – Fraser – 01/02/2012

A great way to split. Much easier than an axe and progress is swift. Make sure you have good gloves and ear protection. Choose your splitter placement carefully and splitting is easy with a few wallops. Good workout for your shoulders.


Axe out of the shed – Esther ter Hart – 01/02/2012

What I like is, I can do it! I can moderate the way I work. And thank God, the axe is out of the shed. I don’t want any axe near teenage boys.


Love that Log Splitter – Steve Lincoln – 24/01/2012

I just love that log splitter & tell anyone who may be interested in them, even if they are not I still tell them! I mainly used it for kindling last winter, using an old tyre makes it real easy. I recently cut down 2 willow trees & used the Logmatic for spitting the rings. I could even split some of the knurly rings where branches had protruded out. You do build up a sweat but the tool is easy to use & a lot safer than swinging an axe.


More efficient than an axe but still plenty of work – Fraser, Bulls – 11/08/2011

It took a while to get the logmatic going well. Make sure you wear gloves and ear protection and be prepared for a good workout. Get the tip buried in block with a few good thumps then bash away with plenty of force to split effectively. Relying on the weight of the rammer didn’t work for me. Read your logs, and don’t bother with the gnarly bits. On dry, straight wood the output is tremendous. I’d never go back to an axe.


Logmatic – Colin from Matamata – 11/07/2011

What a brilliant piece of equipment and sooo much easier than the axe. Have just spent an easy afternoon splitting all the firewood. Great product!!


Brilliant – Carl – 30/05/2011

Works very well and is very safe. Brought for my wife after she put the splitting axe through her foot. (I was working overseas at the time) She loves the logmatic wedge axe as it is so easy to use. Great product and great service.


Good Stuff – Mark, Tauranga – 15/04/2011

Quick, fast, easy to use and SAFE! Good product.


Amazing axe!!! – Jan Albert – Motueka, New Zealand – 24/01/2011

I was blown away by the efficiency of the Logmatic wedge axe! In just a few hours I splitted a pile of logs which would have taken me all day using a traditional axe. No more hit-and-miss, but consecutive accurate splitting all the time. And anyone can do this, seriously!


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